United News International Inc. (formerly known as NewsBeat Social Inc.) is a global news agency that generates fact-based video reports from newsworthy events around the world. The Company plans to license its continuously updated library to news publishers, news aggregators, web portals and distributors worldwide.

UNI covers the four cornerstones of any newsworthy event: who, what, when and where. Each newsworthy event is transformed into a self-contained news report in three formats: anchored video, text and an audio file. UNI produces each report at a cost of under $100.

UNI’s news reports do not contain any analysis or opinion, native or sponsored content, or content marketing. UNI believes that its news platform solves the concerns that many consumers have over the rise of so-called fake news.

UNI’s history and numbers

UNI is part of the worldwide $174 billion news business, which is in a radical transition. Formed in April 2012, UNI’s operations began Feb. 8, 2013. Since then, UNI has gathered and distributed over 40,000 news reports, reaching viewers in 236 countries and trust territories around the world. The average daily news report volume from January 2014 through December 2016 is 48.78 daily reports with one shift 5 days per week. Our daily capacity exceeds 60 reports. Today, the Company has 30 full-time employees.

UNI’s popularity on social media

Since 2014, Facebook users have been presented with UNI news videos over 12 billion times, resulting in more than 800 million video “views” on Facebook (lasting 3 seconds or more) and a total of more than 1 billion video views across all platforms. The growth rate for total views was 480 percent between 2014 and 2016. As of April 30, 2017, UNI’s Facebook fan base was about 3.5 million people, up 28.5 percent from 2015 year-end. From 2014 to 2016, the monthly average number of people the Company’s Facebook posts reached increased to 162.4 million in 2016 from 93.9 million in 2014, a 72.9 percent increase. From 2014 to April 2017, the engagement rate of UNI’s Facebook audience (i.e., the percentage of such user accounts who view, “like,” comment on or share our news reports, expressed as an average of the 12 monthly engagement rates averages in a year) increased to 27.66 percent in 2017 from 6.03 percent in 2014, a 358 percent increase. UNI has been able to achieve this growth in audience and engagement rate while keeping news gathering and distribution costs below $100 per news report.