United News International is working with CrowdVest, a crowdfunding investment platform, to raise money in its online public offering.

CrowdVest works with startup companies such as UNI to raise up to $50 million from everyday investors under Title IV, Regulation A+, of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act.

CrowdVest’s top executives are well known in the investment world.

Matt McCall is co-founder and CEO of CrowdVest LLC, as well as president of Penn Financial Group LLC, an investment advisory firm, and founder of Point B Publishing LLC, a financial publishing company.

McCall is a former co-host of a daily investment show on Fox Business Network and contributor to the Fox News Channel for 10 years. He has authored two investment books published by Wiley: “The Swing Trader’s Bible” and “The Next Great Bull Market.” His extensive background in investing and the media has made him a highly sought-after speaker in the world of investments. It was recently announced that on May 1 McCall will launch a newsletter franchise under his name with Investor Place Media.

Caleb Huey is co-founder and president of CrowdVest LLC, as well as vice president of business development at Creative Direct Marketing Group based out of Los Angeles. He has won numerous awards for his direct marketing campaigns, including the Internet Advertising Competition’s “Best Investor Relations” award.

Huey’s work under the JOBS Act has gained him recognition and speaking engagements globally, including the Global Financial Summit, Angel Investor Network events, and in Silicon Valley. He also contributed his talent for several marketing campaigns under the JOBS Act, which in turn has helped companies generate thousands of shareholders and achieve the investments that they need for growth.

See McCall’s and Huey’s full biographies here: https://www.crowdvest.co/about